Rent a Car Systems in Austell, GA

Making Money Through the Rent-a-Car Business in Austell, GA

carrentalFor your used car business to succeed, you need several income streams to remain profitable during slow periods. One option is to consider the business of rent a car in Austell, GA, through a partnership with Associated Car Rental Systems. 

Ron E. Widener, president and CEO of ACR Systems, brings to the table many years of experience in owning and operating a successful used car rental agency. He’s ready to share his knowledge with you to get your business off the ground. Ron formed an association to train car dealers on renting their vehicles to accomplish that goal. When you become an association member, you will get training and can buy affordable rental car liability insurance

Points to Keep in Mind

Your automobile dealer lot insurance does not cover vehicle rentals. Because you own the vehicles, you are responsible for any liability claim against a rental customer when they are at fault. This is the prime reason you need rental car liability insurance.

If you want to rent just a few vehicles, it won't be easy to get insurance from most companies as they will not provide coverage unless you have a fleet. They also want you to have a working knowledge of the rent -a-car industry. This is how we can help you at ACR Systems, by providing you with the information and skills you need to operate a profitable rent-a-car business. We’ll give you the know-how and help you find affordable rental insurance. You will also benefit from: 

  • On-Site Training When Needed
  • Counter Procedure Manuals Provided
  • Training Center Available for Group Training
  • Rental Forms & Computer Programs Available for Members
  • Communication Support for Questions on Day-to-Day Problems

We also recommend Widener & Associates/Dealer Services as the insurance provider for your rental car business. Their policies are underwritten by an A+ insurance company and offer flexibility to add or delete vehicles daily as your fleet changes. For a quote or details, call (770) 948-1731.

Important Information for Members

Premium Deposit: If you accept the quote, the insurance company will require a deposit on the premium based on 20% of the quoted annual premium. This deposit is fully refundable if you cancel the coverage (less any premium owed). After we obtain your quote from our agent, we will notify you of our rates and your deposit amount.

Premium Payment: You will be billed at the end of each month for the number of units in your fleet. This premium is based on a per unit, per month basis. The ACR System allows for the immediate adding and deleting units as needed. The first billing will take at least 30 to 45 days. You will be billed directly from our fleet insurance company.

Monthly Membership Fees: As a member of ACR, you must remit $10 per unit per month (minimum $50) to ACR in addition to the insurance premium. These fees finance the support services of our ACR System.

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