Comprehensive Dealer Insurance Services in Austell, GA

You can secure the best chance of success for your automobile business by relying on our comprehensive dealer insurance services in Austell, GA. At the office of Ron E. Widener, we have valuable experience to draw upon if you’re just entering the industry or if you have been operating successfully for years and want to expand your coverage.

Car dealer in Austell, GA, selling a car.

We meet the unique needs of dealership owners and general managers by providing an extensive array of insurance coverage options tailored to the market's challenges. Ron is happy to apply his 20-plus years of experience as a lobbyist and previously-owned motor vehicle dealer on your behalf.

Protecting Your Dealership

You may face pitfalls and potential challenges when selling used vehicles and have unique insurance coverage requirements to match. These situations can put your business at risk if not adequately accounted for with the right coverage.

Discuss your dealership’s needs and get a free insurance coverage quote today from us. We can begin to develop policy options by using your information so that your business will be protected and positioned for success. Apply for insurance and submit a bonding application today.

Meeting Your Dealership Needs

At Ron E. Widener’s offices, our staff members do everything they can and provide all of the services you need for your automobile dealership. You can count on us to provide the support, assistance, and items you require, including:

  • Wreckers
  • Rollbacks
  • License Bonding
  • Garage Liability
  • Truth in Lending
  • Premises Liability
  • Tow Dolly - Tow Bar
  • Dealer's Open Lot
  • Building - Contents
  • Rent-a-Car Coverage
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability