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About Our Automotive Dealer in Austell, GA

Ron E. Widener is a licensed property insurance agent, casualty insurance agent, and used automotive dealer in Austell, GA, dedicated to assisting dealers as they enter the industry. As a trusted local consultant, he is the person new dealers turn to when they want to receive their training, insurance, and auto dealer training.

Thinking about getting into the business of selling used cars or providing rentals? Then call Ron and his associates today. Our entire team is here to teach you powerful strategies to grow your revenues, lower your cost on lot insurance, and use your lot to generate revenue before the sale.

The office of our automotive dealer in Austell, GA.

The Ron E. Widener Company Profile

Meet Our Owner: Ron E. Widener

Specializing in auto dealer coverage, used motor vehicle bonds, and dealer training, Ron and his company Ron Widener & Associates, Inc., is the go-to solution for dealer training seminars and consulting services throughout Georgia. The preferred provider for new dealer applicants, Ron is a former executive director and lobbyist for the Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association as well as a member of GIADA and the president of Ride Rite, Inc.

For more than ten years, Ron operated his own fruitful used car sales and rental company before expanding on his consulting and insurance business. Ron and his team are now ready to use their knowledge to help you with everything related to selling cars successfully.

Pre-Licensing Seminar for Used Motor Vehicle Dealers

Interested in getting into used car sales? Then you are going to want to sign up for one of our pre-licensing seminars. Available three times per month, these seminars help you earn the mandatory certification you must present with your car dealer license application.

A true pioneer, Ron’s seminars were the first to receive approval by the State Board all the way back in 1988. We were the first to provide this service, and we know that our many years of instruction experience makes us the most helpful consultant for both new and experienced dealers looking for certification. Reach out to our friendly staff today to sign up for one of our upcoming auto dealer training seminars.

Getting Started in the Car Rental Business

Many used vehicle dealers have learned they can increase their profits by venturing into the car rental business. However, making this addition to your business a success isn’t as simple as it may first appear. Thankfully, our consultants are here to provide you with the valuable insights you need to learn how to earn a profit with rental cars.