Need to make more money?

Why not rent your vehicles that are just "SITTING THERE"


Now's the time to create cash flow!

Now's the time to make more money!

Now's the time to create more car sales!

Like most used car dealers, you have decided that it is time to add other profit centers into your business.  Associated Car Rental System gives you a LOW COST opportunity to get into the rent-a-car business.

If you've considered buying a franchise for thousands of dollars and can't justify it, here is the reason you need to partner with Associated Car Rental Systems.  For any business venture to be successful, the management needs the right knowledge to operate the business.

Several years ago we formed an association to train automobile dealers on how to rent their vehicles.  Through the association we have rent-a-car insurance available for our members that is affordable.

If you are like most dealers, you want to rent just a few cars.  But without a big FLEET, most insurance companies will not cover your vehicles & require a working knowledge of the rent-a-car business.

ACR will train you how to rent cars!

ACR will provide support, solve problems!

ACR know the rest-a-car business!

ACR does it all.

Now you have a friend in the car business!