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Dealer required Insurance and Bonds - Rent-a-Car Training & Insurance
We provide the GAPS Background Check.
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Dealer Seminars

Our company is approved to conduct the required GAPS background check in our office

Attend an Informative Car Dealer Seminar in Austell, GA


Approved since 1988, Ron E. Widener teaches the required Pre-License Seminar to get your Dealer License. We believe we are the best! So please look us over!

Ron E. Widener at a Car Dealer Seminar, Austell, GA

Since 1988, Ron E. Widener has been a trusted source for information and services that car dealers can count on. After more than a decade working as a lobbyist for GIADA, he possesses exceptional knowledge of relevant laws and business strategies that can help you unlock the boundless potential of your business.



Through his car dealer seminar in Austell, GA, you can take advantage of extensive experience, targeted expertise, and proven success to access:

  • Industry Education
  • Dealer Consulting
  • Insurance & Bonding
  • Rent-A-Car Systems

Auto Education

Current, relevant information is crucial to any business. Because Ron continuously keeps up with the most recent laws and developments in the industry, you can count on him to teach you everything you need to know about car dealing. This is especially important to new dealers because of the required attendance of an approved seminar before licensing. Make sure you’re prepared to bring your business into a bright future. Attend one of Ron’s pre-license car dealer seminars to learn from a veteran of the industry. With Ron’s expertise on your side, you’ll have an invaluable resource for information and support.

Dealer Consulting

Are you ready for an inspection by the state? Do you want to make sure you don’t find yourself surprised by potentially devastating fines? Let Ron be your mentor and share his knowledge of the used car business. He can help you understand vital topics, including:

  • New License Consulting
  • Onsite Office Organization
  • Sales/Paperwork Instruction
  • Regulatory Audits Review
  • Vehicle Title Training


Ron has the skills to give you an edge in everything from documentation to making bids on vehicles for you lot. His auction training, for example, ensures that you know exactly what to look for and how to go about getting the best deals and which auctions you should attend.

Insurance & Bonding 

One thing you’ll learn through training is that you need to have the best insurance possible. Ron can set you up with a company that has 20 years of experience and offers:

  • Garage Liability at Affordable Rates with Great Terms
  • Premises Liability, Protection for Your Business, at the Best Rates
  • Garage Keepers Liability, Specialized Insurance for Dealers

Rent-A-Car Systems

Add new revenue and increase your profits after your car dealer seminar with ACR Rent-A-Car Systems, one of Ron’s companies. They offer:

  • Dealer Training on Effective Rental Practices
  • Help Avoiding Common Startup Mistakes
  • The Ability to Rent without Purchasing a Franchise


Contact Ron today for everything your dealership needs to succeed. He proudly serves Austell, GA, and the surrounding areas. 

Let us be your mentor and share our knowledge of the used car business with ‘you’. We have helped hundreds of Dealers get organized and avoid fines! 
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We provide the required property & casualty insurance for the auto dealer
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Pre-License Seminars

In the State of Georgia, Used Motor Vehicle Dealers applicants are required to attend a "Pre-License" seminar. Read More...


Report: A Third of Laptops Fail Within 3 Years

Dealer License Processing Service

We provide prompt dealer license processing services and cogent background processing. Read more...



Dealer Continuing Education

Used Motor Vehicle Dealers are required to attend Continuing Education classes. We can easily fit it into your busy schedule.

Increase Profits

Create A Profit Center with ACR Rent-A-Car Systems


If you are like most used car dealers, you have decided that it is time to add other profit centers into your business.


  • We Know The Car Rental Business!
  • What You Don't Know Can Be Hurting You, We Can Help!
  • We Can Help You Become Successful In The Auto Rental Business
  • We Train Automobile Dealers How to Rent Their Vehicles
  • With Our Help, There Is No Need To Purchase A Franchise


Dealer Insurance Systems

License Bonding & Insurance For Georgia Dealers, Inquire Today


Dealers Insurance Services has 20 years experience in the used car market and unique industry.

  • Garage Liability At Afforable Rates With Great Terms, Stop Waiting
  • Premises Liability, Protection For Your Business, Best Rates!
  • Garage Keepers LIability, Specialized Insurance For The Dealers
  • Rent-A-Car Coverage Plus Much More, Check Us Out!