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Dealer required Insurance and Bonds - Rent-a-Car Training & Insurance
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Ron E. Widener specializes in new used car dealer license applicants for Insurance and Bonding. Yes! We provide fast service to obtain the required Insurance and Bond.

Most important, we take the time to explain the coverage you choose and advise you that all insurance policies have limitations. We want to be sure you understand those policy limitations. But, please understand, you must read your policy conditions and limitations in coverage. No matter what agency you buy coverage from, don't wait until after the accident to find your loss is not covered by the policy!

So, let's talk so you can choose the coverage you need to get started, and can afford for now to get the Used Car Dealer License. You can always add or change your coverage as your business grows.

Remember, it is up to you to be sure you do understand your Insurance and Bonds before you have a an accident and file a claim.

So please call us now:  770-941-0293.

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Even better... Ron E. Widener is also a Licensed Used Car Dealer himself, so he understands the Car Biz!


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Dealers Insurance Services has 20 years experience in the used car market and unique industry.

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