Pre-License Auto Dealer Seminar in Austell, GA

Pre-License Car Dealer Seminars in Austell, GAIf you are going to get your used car career off on the right foot, you are required by the State of Georgia to attend a pre-license session. Once you have attended a pre-license auto dealer seminar in Austell, GA, you can then submit a certification with your application package. Then, you are able to truly start down this exciting career path.

Reggie and Ron E. Widener are here to help you become a licensed car dealer through their training seminars and services. Each month they conduct several pre-license workshops to make it easier for up-and-coming dealers to get the training they need to be qualified to sell cars in this great state.

Ron has been approved by the State of Georgia since 1988 to provide these seminars. That means he has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in providing his students with the tools and know-how they need to complete the car dealer application process successfully.

Contact Ron and Reggie today to enroll in one of their upcoming classes to ensure your career starts on the right foot.

A Team Working for You

Ron E. Widener is a licensed motor vehicle dealer, licensed insurance agent, seminar instructor, and industry consultant focused on helping new dealers receive their training, insurance, and dealer’s license. During seminars, he assists newcomers to the business by offering powerful strategies for lowering lot insurance, increasing car sales, and generating revenues before the sale. Ron spent 12 years as a lobbyist for the Georgia Independent Auto Dealer Association, and he still keeps up on all of the changing laws. He is also known as an authority regarding license, sales tax, and title processing.

With more than 18 years of automotive experience, Reggie Widener is a licensed insurance agent and state-approved seminar instructor. He specializes in motor vehicle dealers’ license bonds, used motor vehicle dealer insurance, and dealer application processing.

Together, the Wideners conduct “enhanced training seminars” for licensed dealers so they can meet the required six-hour continuing education requirements. They also provide free license application kits at pre-dealer sessions. Looking for details of future seminars? Just ask!